Our sales have increased and are back on target since adopting DBs...

Stolz Home Furnishing is a one-stop shop family owned business supplying furniture, flooring and window coverings to the high country in Victoria since 1903.

Our window furnishing department had been running successfully by an experienced staff member for about twenty years.  When she retired a lot of industry knowledge was lost and it was difficult for new employees to follow the old manual system. We were not able to get quotes out quickly and sales dropped markedly so we needed to move with the times and introduce a computerized system that all of us could use.

Through a Google search, we found Drape and Blind Software (DBs) which seemed to be the answer to our problem.  After an online demonstration, we were confident that DBs would solve our quoting and ordering issues.

DBs came ready to use with all our suppliers, window treatments, fabric and blind prices loaded. On-site training by Peter was invaluable and once we ironed out back-office things like profit margins etc it was really easy to start quoting.  The transition from our old way of working to DBs was exceedingly smooth.

The best thing is that DBs takes the pressure off employees to know everything and it takes less effort to follow up jobs because we don’t have to keep track of paper documents or look for information when we need it.

All up, our sales have increased and are back on target since adopting DBs and our customer service had definitely improved.  We are now able to get a quote out to a customer quickly and amending or altering a quote is a relatively simple straightforward step.  Now,  anyone in the business can easily check customer orders and it’s even simpler to check supplier charges. 

Anna Kennedy

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