Case Study - Blue Tulip

Case Study Blue Tulip. Jude Hunts loves that Drape and Blind Software came loaded with all products and pricing.

I started Blue Tulip Interiors in Rangiora, North Canterbury, NZ in 2001 as a small personal project. Now we employ a creative team of five with our own retail design studio and on-site commercial workroom where we make all our soft furnishings.  For me, it has always been important to provide our customers’ individual furnishing solutions that suit them perfectly. 

We expanded rapidly and forged a reputation for delivering the finest-made products; our experienced design team is always up to the challenge of creating any unique window furnishing for our customers.  The problem was that it was taking far too long to get quotes out to prospective customers.  Calculating fabric quantities and finding prices for everything can be so time-consuming especially when you have a few different fabrics and window treatments on the same quote.  I started looking for a software package that could not only do the quoting but also the ordering and accounts processing because I did not want to re-write information.  I needed to streamline all aspects of the business.

I received a direct email newsletter from Drape and Blind Software promoting the DBs Retail package. I had an online demonstration of the system which was great as I was able to ask questions and see how I could run my business using the quoting forms.   I looked into the program at great length and even checked some calculations and also personally spoke to existing users of the system and their staff. I looked at other systems and compared the usability and functionality and DBs won hands down because the quoting forms were easy to use even if you are not computer savvy. All you have to do is put in the window dimensions and fill in the rest of the information from drop down boxes.  The other thing that was fantastic was the interface to MYOB which saves us so much time.  

I am very systems-orientated and very much appreciated the unique angle from which DBs works as it is tailored for the industry.  I like the functionality, database system and the ability to quote on any product that I wish to incorporate into my design projects. This aspect was particularly important because we make many products; from window treatments to cushions, table runners, and duvets.  The people behind the system made the whole package that much more attractive because I needed to be confident that we could approach them if we needed assistance.

The system was quickly implemented, but I was surprised at the amount of time required for me to actually put in all the information required to get things up and running effectively. You don’t realise how many supplier price lists you need to refer to all the time but we were able to import data.  The other good thing was that DBs came loaded with our fabric suppliers' information and prices.   It probably took me a good 6-8 weeks before I had everything where it needed to be to use to best advantage.  Training was great and the backup support while we were setting up was fantastic and still is.

DBs has freed up a lot of time in so far as I am not spending hours and hours on the one quote.  Customers change their minds all the time and it makes it so much easier to make quick alterations to fabric choices, etc and to create additional quotes in a fraction of the time. Sales have certainly increased as we are able to provide outstanding service right from day one quoting stage which helps to make us look good. I don’t have actual percentages at hand at this stage but certainly have never been busier.  At the administrative end, DBs saves us time tracking orders, creating workroom job sheets etc and keeps things running efficiently.  Reduction in errors due to the transference of figures etc is also a money-saving measure.

Overall – love DBs and the people behind the product.

Jude Hunt