The support and willingness to help has been fantastic...


We have been using DBs for six months now starting with blinds and now moving onto curtains.I must congratulate the DBs team on backup support after our software was installed.

I recall at the time we placed our order they stated that they do not just want to sell us DBs, but that they wanted us to use DBs. It has been a sharp learning curve and the support and willingness to help has been fantastic. If we ever have a problem, the issue is fixed without question never once making any of our staff feel silly because of the question asked. A few changes have been made for us that made the quotation the client receives very similar to the one we have painstakingly typed for years.

I look forward to the continued support and ‘can do’ attitude from DBs. Undoubtedly there will be a few more phone calls over the next few weeks while we master the curtain side of DBs!

Ross Widger