WFA Magazine November 2016



WFA Magazine 2016 Article. Drape and Blind software, a key supplier in retail systems.

Drape and Blind Software, a key supplier in the Retail Software (POS) & Production category, share their current focus with WFA.  As always, service and enhanced efficiencies continue to drive their development efforts.

Mira Krulic of Drape and Blind Software says the company’s focus is on reinforcing its strong track record in building customer relationships.  

“Introducing a computer system into your business is not about technology for technology’s sake,” says Krulic. “It is about making the business operate more efficiently and ultimately about increasing profit and making life easier. Drape and Blind Software (DBs) is a proven quoting and ordering system for retailers that sell curtains and blinds. Packed with time-saving features, it enables the business to win more jobs and get the work done. With DBs, you are not just purchasing a program; you are also getting a business partner that is with you all the way.”

She says the company’s ethos is built on the view that “in today’s competitive market it’s more important than ever to build good customer relationships.”

“The easiest way to differentiate our business is by the customer service we deliver, not just the products we sell. At Drape and Blind Software, we begin by attracting customers who really see the value in the system and need it to solve the problems they have identified.”

“We then hit the ground running by customizing DBs for each customer by loading their fabrics, products, prices, and mark-ups. People are eager to get going when they have made the decision to purchase software and don’t have the time to spend months importing price lists or fiddling about with product builders. In most cases, we then do the training on their turf. That way we can begin to understand our new customer’s values, what is important to them and how they run their business. Our customers also get to know us and understand that we continue to listen and act on information in order to build on the relationship.”  

Krulic adds that DBs encourages customers to call when they get stuck without charging for support. “Nothing kills the user experience more than finding charges on the credit card statement for every support call. Recently, we visited one of our long-time customers in the country to discuss issues that were easily addressed on the spot with extra training. It was a great opportunity to see how DBs had improved productivity and enabled the business to thrive in a small regional community. “

“Not every product works exactly right and if we notice customers are stumbling over a process we continue to enhance and improve the program,” she adds. “For example, we made changes to the way the quote form displayed continuous and regular fabrics for curtain treatments. Previously, the quote form only showed continuous fabrics when a continuous style was selected and regular fabrics for drop styles. But with the advent of more multidirectional fabrics, this old paradigm no longer applied. New users, in particular, would become confused because they could not find the fabric they were looking for.”

“Now DBs will display all fabrics all of the time regardless of which curtain style you choose. To minimise errors, a message is displayed warning that there may be a mismatch between fabric and style but flexibility is the key. This way customers always find the fabric and are then told that they have selected a continuous pricing method with a regular fabric or vice versa. The end result is the same; the curtain is quoted correctly and the right amount of fabric is ordered, but now it is more intuitive.”

“At Drape and Blind Software, we identify or recognise the evolving needs of our customers and continue to work with them to deliver the best program and support to help them achieve their goals.”