The "lazy tax" sting can hurt your hip pocket!

LazyTax"Lazy tax" generally applies to the money you lose for not shopping around for better rates from utility providers, banks, telcos, health, house and car insurance. Consumers on average can save up to two thousand dollars per year by saying goodbye to misguided loyalty and switching providers and plans. The same "lazy tax" principle can be applied to your window coverings business. You might be paying suppliers too much because you don't have the time or resources to check invoices properly.

Are you paying your suppliers too much? In the window coverings industry, one small job for a curtain and a roller blind will have at least seven orders generated for the job - fabric, lining, making, blind manufacturing, tracks, trim and installation. If you only do five small jobs per week you will end up with a minimum of one hundred and fifty invoices to pay when the work is completed at the end of the month.

When invoices have piled up and suppliers are waiting to be paid it becomes a mammoth task to check each invoice against the corresponding order. To maintain good supplier relationships and get the work done some business just pay invoices without checking properly. This type of "lazy tax" can hurt your hip pocket because in some instances the supplier may have forgotten to pass on discounts or simply charged you too much. If on the other hand, your price book is out of date and you will keep on quoting incorrectly.

With Drape and Blind Software you will be able to check all your invoices quickly and easily before scheduling payment. Imagine being able to pull up an order instantly without looking through filing cabinets and folders. We know that this one process will save you money. Check out what Prue Petroff from Victoria Blinds had to say - "I am singing your praises as I have just saved myself $500 with a supplier invoice because DBs showed me I had been invoiced too much. I just mentioned to the book keep that eighteen months ago I just would have paid the invoice and been none the wiser. A great start to the week!"