Long quotes vs short quotes

Long QuotesEveryone has one aspect of their job that they just don't like. Most sales consultants love working with clients, picking fabrics and selecting the perfect window coverings solution. Then, they dread doing the actual quote. Curtain quotes, in particular, are very time-consuming. It can be tempting to speed up the process by sending out short quotes with little detail so that your competitors don't get the jump on you. A longer quote with more information might be more successful in clinching the sale. But, if it takes a week to get to the client you can still lose out.



There are advantages to both types of quotes. Short quotes for example, that just list the product type and price are great if you suspect your customer is price shopping. The customer receives the quote quickly but you don't make it easy for them to compare your products against competitors. Simple quotes are also less confusing and customers paralyzed by indecision find it easier to make up their minds.


Long quotes with more detail are great if you sell high-end product and want to list the product style, fabrics, tracks, control side and highlight features. Details can add to the perceived value of the products and prevent the customer from making a price-based purchase decision.

With Drape and Blind Software, you can create long, short and in between quotes for all window coverings. Instantly print or email a summary quote or an itemised quote which lists products and totals for each location. The treatment quote style groups and totals products together. You can even build your own custom quote and list some or all details, add comments, terms, and conditions.

If you dread quoting it's time to have at look Drape and Blind Software. With our easy to use quote templates, you won't have to do any manual calculations or spend hours typing. Produce quotes that convert for any situation. Contact us for a no-obligation demonstration today.