DBs Nitty Gritty Focus - Half drop pattern repeats

Half drop pattern repeatsFabrics come in a myriad of widths, textures, colours, and patterns however all pattern repeats are not the same. The full drop is the most simple where you have multiple motifs along the same line horizontally and vertically. For the half drop repeat you step the motif horizontally on the first line and then align the motif on the next line to the centre of the first motif.

 Calculating fabric quantities for half drop repeats is, therefore, more challenging because the pattern does not match exactly on the side of the roll and so you may need extra fabric. DBs does all the hard work for you and can handle full drop and half drop pattern matches so you always order the right amount of fabric. Imagine having all your favourite suppliers and fabric details at your fingertips. And, you will not have to worry about pattern repeats or manually work out fabric quantities.

In case you need more information on half drop pattern repeats we found this great explainer article and video. Click here to watch it.